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Strategic Plan

In 2013 GBAHB members developed a strategic plan to guide the association on a path toward success throughout the next five years. The plan addresses the association’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT). Through this careful analysis goals and objectives were developed to provide more opportunities for members to connect directly with potential customers, improve educational opportunities and advocate on behalf of members.

The Strategic Plan Parts:

1. Environmental Assessment - GBAHB members have studied the association internally and the industry externally to define the purpose of this Strategic Plan, identify goals to be reached in a specific period of time and create assumptions based on economic housing market factors. Additionally, they established Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats, (SWOT) within and outside the association. SWOT identifiers are important in keeping the association aware of specific factors that could help or hinder the industry. Being aware of SWOT aides in fulfilling our Action Plan.

2. Action Plan - Objectives and critical issues determine the Action Plan. Creating objectives provides the association with a visibal list of items to stay on target in order to fulfill approved long-term goals. When generating revenue, planning events, building membership, etc. we need to be able to look at the concrete Action Plan to ensure this association runs the course to meet end goals and to prevent non-goal-making items from getting in the way.