Consumer News

Today’s consumer expects the no-nonsense truth when it comes to their home (or their next home). And that’s exactly what they’ll get from the Greater Birmingham Association of Home Builders’ “Consumer News.” When news breaks that affects your ability to buy your next home, or that could make living in your current home better (or worse), GBAHB Consumer News will walk you through it with accurate and practical information. You can even post questions and comments of your own to learn more.




The Home Building & Remodeling Showcase gives consumers the opportunity to find everything needed to build or remodel, all under one roof. See the latest in design trends and meet the building and remodeling professionals who can make your dream home a reality. You'll have the chance to touch and feel the newest appliances, flooring, windows, doors and much more.  


An annual event since the early 1960s, the GBAHB Parade of Homes is the largest new home tour in Alabama. The Parade offers home buyers and dreamers alike the opportunity to visit new homes displaying the latest construction techniques and design trends. Additionally, the GBAHB Ideal Home is the front door to the Parade of Homes presenting the industry's best products and services on the market.



The Fall Community Showcase is a new home community tour, highlighting features from swimming pools and neighborhood parks to clubhouses and golf courses. In addition to visiting the communities, guests will enjoy seeing the alluring new homes open during the two-weekend event.



A home is a major investment. Wise consumers do everything they can to protect that investment. With more than 1,200 members, the Greater Birmingham Association of Home Builders is the fifth largest local home builders association in the country. That’s a lot of local expertise. The “Pro Tips” Blog bottles some of that know-how and puts it right in the hands of consumers - helping you make smart choices about your current or next home. Bloggers include GBAHB member specialists, sharing their accumulated experience and skill on highly relevant topics that matter to homeowners and future homeowners. Ask GBAHB experts your own questions in the comments section and receive answers tailored to your needs..