A little change goes a long way. Sometimes, that little change is all you need to feel revitalized. Freshening up such a frequently used (and frequently overlooked) space as your bathroom is the perfect way to give your home a little pick-me-up. Luckily for you, a bathroom remodel doesn’t have to involve fully gutting your space and starting from scratch. With these easy and accessible pointers, you can completely transform your W.C. while cutting time and costs!

If you’re looking for the fastest way to update your bathroom, one of the simplest things you can do is to refresh existing grout. Grout can be replaced or simply stained to give tile that brand-new look again. Another way to quickly transform the room is a simple repainting. You don’t even have to touch the walls if you don’t have time; you can repaint doors and cabinets to change up your space just as effectively. Perhaps the easiest way to achieve a quick makeover is by changing up interior décor like towels, shower

curtains and rods, cabinet hardware, or any other accessories you may have. This simple step can give your bathroom a new and trendy feel to refresh the space entirely. Additionally, changing out or reframing any mirrors can instantly create a new atmosphere–bonus points if you can keep them clean afterward. If you are willing to put in a few extra hours, updating light fixtures and faucets makes a world of difference, too. Consider changing window coverings to go even further.

Adding plantation shutters is great for allowing natural sunlight through and eliminating the need for curtains. Anyone with a social media habit knows that good lighting in a bathroom is a must! Plantation shutters also lend that classic southern vibe without the kitsch.

For those who are fully invested in remodeling, the bathroom is also a great place for some unexpected luxury. An informed eye can bring fashion to the bathroom’s functionality and enhance the whole experience. One quintessential loo luxury is heated flooring. Heated tile is a cozy convenience for most of the year, but as far as we’re concerned, it’s a necessity during colder months when floor tiles might as well be blocks of ice. The same goes for heated towel racks; they’re more or less a package deal.

In terms of strictly decorative luxury, quartz countertops, furniture-style vanities with lighted mirrors, and freestanding tubs are a great addition for immediate elegance in your bathroom. If you’re not a bath person, a zero entry shower with glass enclosure is another way to bring in more sophistication. Amp your shower up even more with body sprayers and a handheld shower head.

One addition that is both energy efficient and cost efficient is a tankless water heater. A tankless model heats water only as it is being used. Say goodbye to your 50-gallon monstrosity. If you want your bathroom to feel even more upscale and futuristic, install a motion-sensing faucet. Just remember that it’s important to have an expert on hand anytime you are modifying existing structure or plumbing. The more inexperienced among us can easily run afoul of local codes and requirements in place to keep us all safe. The Greater Birmingham Association of Homebuilders can help connect with the perfect John or Jane to help with your john.

A complete bathroom renovation can take around two months depending on the extent of the renovations. Custom cabinets alone take four to six weeks to order. If you are just replacing flooring, fixtures, or paint, you may be able to complete the project within a weekend or even a matter of hours! Regardless of how big of a commitment you are willing to take on, the most important thing to keep in mind is functionality. Your space should be a tranquil and purposeful environment that’s just as accommodating as it is inviting.