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Master Builder/Master Remodeler

The purpose of this program, offered by the GBAHB, is to recognize builders and remodelors who have been in business five years or more, who by their actions exhibit professionalism, stability, and above average customer service.

Members must pass a rigorous entry process in order to receive the designation. Candidates are screened by a committee of their peers who review customer, supplier and sub-contractor references; check for any current or pending litigation; verify full liability and workman’s compensation insurance coverage; and review credit status via national credit reports. Membership is reviewed on a yearly basis, and failure to meet the program’s requirements can warrant disqualification.

The Program Logo demonstrates to the buying public that the MASTERS have pride in their profession and endeavor to provide the highest quality work possible. Upon acceptance into the program, the company is given the right to use the trademarked logo and affiliated materials.


Builder Company Designation
James Wagnon Historical Home Crafters, Inc. Master Builder/ Master Remodeler
Richard Wright Wright Homes, Inc. Master Builder
David Siegel Twin Construction, Inc. Master Builder / Master Remodeler
Price Hightower Tower Development Master Builder
Marty Byrom Byrom Building Corp Master Builder
Bill Fargason Fargason Building Corp, Inc. Master Builder / Master Remodeler
Andy Cross Cross Homebuilders, Inc. Master Builder/ Master Remodeler
George Kurtts Kurtts Construction, Inc. Master Builder / Master Remodeler
Jim Thornton Thornton Construction Company Master Builder






Remodeler Company Designation
Tom Coan Case Design/Remodeling Master Remodeler
Michael McKay Oak Alley, Inc. Master Remodeler
George Williams Precision Homecrafters, LLC Master Remodeler
Britt Thompson H B Thompson Contstruction Services Master Remodeler
Elliott Pike ELM Construction, LLC Master Remodeler
James Wagnon Historical Home Crafters Inc. Master Builder/Master Remodeler
Russell Luccasen R & R Construction Master Remodeler