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Committees & Councils

Each GBAHB committee and council is a vital part of the association. Committees conduct much of the work that leads to meaningful results for members, and they are a valuable training ground for future senior leadership of the GBAHB Board of Directors. That’s because many of the board’s decisions are based on informed recommendations from GBAHB committees. Most committees are open to all members of the association, and do not require an additional fee to participate. Councils differ from committees in that they are designed to benefit a specific sector of the membership. Council memberships do require an annual fee in addition to the membership dues.



 Advocacy Committee/Governmental Affairs

The Advocacy Committee works on behalf of the association to strengthen the residential construction and remodeling sectors of the economy by advocating for greater housing affordability, flexibility and overall economic development and job creation. Committee influence with elected and other govenmental officials leads to expanded opportunities for businesses inside and outside the construction industries to succeed. The GBAHB engages in a wide variety of successful advocacy efforts directly and indirectly benefitting businesses throughout the industry. The committee primarily focuses on four areas: regulatory, legislative, political and legal advocacy. To learn more about the association's advocacy philosophy and approach, see the Advocacy Page of the website. 



The Alabama Builders Political Action Committee (ABPAC) works on behalf of the association to positively influence the outcome of elections. Working cooperatively with the Advocacy Committee, the ABPAC committee prioritizes campaign support for candidates for office who share our common sense approach to government. These candidates share the GBAHB philosophy that government intervention in private sector business should be limited and focused on enabling and empowering job creators like those of the GBAHB to do what they do best: expand and grow their businesses, create jobs, and contribute profitably to the overall economic development of communities.


Membership Committee

The GBAHB is the largest local home builders association in Alabama, and one of the five largest in the country. Annually, GBAHB sets and pursuits ambitious membership growth goals. A growing, robust membership is the foundation for effectiveness on behalf of all GBAHB members. Everything the association does on behalf of its members depends on successful recruitment, retention and overall growth of our membership. As we grow, we become better advocates, educators, business generators, marketers, etc. Put simply: membership is our foundation for everything else.

The GBAHB Membership Committee develops and carries out annual membership recruitment and retention plans and strategies. Members of the committee actively and regularly recruit new members into the association. They organize and enthusiastically participate in membership drives that engage existing GBAHB members. They also help new members quickly “plug in” in a variety of ways, ensuring they immediately receive outstanding value for their membership dollar.


Home Tours Committee

The Home Tours Committee is comprised of builder and associate members tasked with the planning and implementation of the association’s Spring and Fall Parade of Homes and any associated showcase homes (example: The GBAHB Ideal Home). The Parade of Homes is the largest new homes tour in Alabama, and is designed to generate an enormous turnout of pre- qualified potential home buyers, to promote GBAHB builder members and their partners throughout the market, and to directly connect GBAHB members with their future customers.



Associates Council

The Associates Council consists of GBAHB associate members who are elected by their peers to serve on this committee. This council represents and enhances value for the wide array of associate members of GBAHB; and it plans and implements the annual Home Building & Remodeling Showcase, which is a public event featuring the latest in home building & remodeling trends from association members.


Master Builder/Master Remodeler Council

The purpose of this program is to recognize and promote professional home builders and remodelers who have been in business five years or more, and who, by their actions, exhibit professionalism, stability, and excellent customer service. Members must pass a rigorous application process in order to receive and maintain their Master Builder or Remodeler credentials. Master Builders and Master Remodelers are identified on GBAHB’s online “Find- A-Pro” member directory for consumers.


Professional Women in Building


 The Professional Women in Building (PWB) consists of builder and associate members and spouses of members within the GBAHB. With more than 50 members, the PWB exists to promote good will, loyalty and friendship among its members and in the broader association. The council assists with local, state and national initiatives to promote a better understanding of home building and provide charitable contributions and services on behalf of the GBAHB. Additionally, the PWB hosts monthly luncheons at various hot spots throughout the Birmingham area, with programs of interest to its members.


Remodelers Council

The GBAHB Remodelers Council provides valuable resources and opportunities to network with others in the remodeling industry. Membership in the Remodelers Council reflects a remodeler’s commitment to the NAHB Remodelors Code of Ethics. With industry-leading educational programs in business, marketing and many other subjects, the GBAHB Remodelers Council gives you the tools you need to build your remodeling business, and successfully compete now and in the future. The GBAHB Remodelers host networking dinner meetings monthly that include an annual Fish Fry and Draw Down in the spring and steak cookout in the fall.


Sales Council












The Sales Council is comprised of sales and marketing professionals in the home building industry. The council enhances the sales and marketing capabilities and reputation of those who represent the GBAHB and the housing industry. The council is dedicated to developing a higher level of professionalism in the home building industry through education and networking opportunities specifically designed for sales and marketing professionals.


Young Professionals Council

 The Young Professionals Council of GBAHB exists to promote involvement and growth in the homebuilding industry through education, networking and leadership and service opportunities. The Young Professionals host annual networking and education events such as P.B.& J, as well as Host the GBAHB annual Associate Appreciation Night and raise money for ABPAC with our Crawfish Boil.