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Our Staff

Our Staff

Alicia Vincent
Executive Vice President

Jody Joiner
Director of Finance & Operations

Shannon Humenansky
Director of Sales & Member Engagement

Robin Cooper
External Affairs, Governmental Affairs, and Workforce Development.

Roles & Responsibilities

Name Position/Title Contact Responsibilities, Committees & Councils
Alicia VincentExecutive Vice PresidentPhone (205)912-7000
Executive Officer, Executive Committee, Board of Directors, Workforce Development & Public Relations
Jody JoinerDirector of Finance & Operations Phone (205)912-7000
Accounting, Human Resources & Professional Women in Building
Shannon HumenanskyDirector of Sales & Member EngagementPhone (205)912-7000
Membership, Sales Council and Home Tours
Robin CooperExternal Affairs, Governmental Affairs, and Workforce Development.Phone (205)912-7000