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Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Colt Byrom

Elliot Pike
1st Vice President

Levi Mixon
2nd Vice President / Treasurer

Peggy Turner
Associate Vice President

Marshall Newport
Immediate Past President

Kyle Murphy
Presidential Appointee

Taylor Burton
Presidential Appointee

Senior Officers

The GBAHB Senior Officers are elected to serve a one-year term in each position with the exception of the Associate Vice President who is elected to a two-year term.

Executive Committee

The GBAHB Executive Committee consists of the President as chairperson, Vice President/Secretary, Treasurer, Associate Vice President, Immediate Past President and two presidential appointees.

Board of Directors

The GBAHB is governed by a Board of Directors responsible for directing the affairs of the Association in a manner as is customary and according to the law, the constitution and by-Laws of the GBAHB. The Board is comprised of the following: President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President/Treasurer, 3rd Vice President/Secretary, Associate Vice President, Immediate Past President and 12 members who are elected (at least nine of whom must be builder members). All elected members are to serve for three years with terms beginning on the first day of the calendar year following election.

Additionally, the Board includes committee & council chairs (see more under the Committees & Councils tab), past presidents and life directors (members who have served in a variety of leadership roles and are given the title of life director for their continued service).


(Consists of Senior Officers AND 2 Presidential Appointees)

PresidentColt Byrom
1st Vice PresidentElliot Pike
2nd Vice President / TreasurerLevi Mixon
Associate Vice PresidentPeggy Turner
Immediate Past PresidentMarshall Newport
Presidential AppointeeKyle Murphy
Presidential AppointeeTaylor Burton

Board of Directors

ABPAC CommitteeJeremy Wright
Associates CouncilLurenda Avery
Greater Birmingham Apartment AssociationHope Watwood
Past Presidents of the Associates CouncilArthur Steber
Past Presidents CouncilClint Lovette
Remodelers CouncilWrendon Davis
Sales & Marketing CouncilAmanda Parker
Professional Women in BuildingAmanda Larson
Young Professionals CouncilPatrick Gilbert
NAHB National DelegateMarshall Newport
NAHB National DelegateClint Lovette
NAHB National DelegateKyle Murphy
NAHB National DelegateJeremy Wright
NAHB National DelegateElliott Pike
NAHB National DelegateMary Steadman
NAHB Senior Life DelegateTaylor Burton
NAHB Senior Life DelegateMarty Byrom
NAHB Life DelegateRoddy Sample
NAHB Life DelegateAlicia Huey
NAHB Life DelegatePeggy Turner
NAHB Life DelegateJim Mitchell
NAHB Life DelegateJoe White
NAHB LIfe DelegateCindy Davis
NAHB Life DelegateLee Barnes
NAHB Life DelegateTommy Doyal
NAHB Life DelegateBill Kinnebrew
NAHB Life DelegateLaurie Kinnebrew
NAHB Life DelegateMike Carden
NAHB Life DelegateRoy Martin
NAHB Senior Life DirectorBenny Pritchett
GBAHB Local Life Associate DirectorCindy Davis
GBAHB Local Life Associate DirectorWrendon Davis
GBAHB Local Life Associate DirectorRob Dreher
GBAHB Local Life Associate DirectorPeggy Turner
GBAHB Local Life Associate DirectorAlicia Huey
GBAHB Local Life Associate DirectorTim Flynn
GBAHB Local Life Associate DirectorRen Heartsill
GBAHB Local Life Associate DirectorAimee Forbus
GBAHB Local Life Associate DirectorDavid Estreicher
GBAHB Local Life Associate DirectorClay Harbin
GBAHB Local Life Associate DirectorSteve Lester
HBAA DirectorColt Byrom
HBAA DirectorMarshall Newport
HBAA DirectorElliott Pike
HBAA DirectorPeggy Turner
HBAA DirectorMary Steadman
HBAA DirectorWill Kinnebrew
HBAA DirectorKyle Murphy
Alternative HBAA DirectorLevi Mixon
Alternative HBAA DirectorJoshua Dean
Alternative HBAA DirectorArthur Steber

Past Presidents Council

Taylor Burton
Marty Byrom
Mike Carden
Tommy Doyal
Doug Eddleman
Brooks Harris
Alicia Huey
Bill Kinnebrew
Roy Martin
Kyle Murphy
Bob McKay
Jim Mitchell
Benny Pritchett
Roddy Sample
Dwight Sandlin
Glenn Siddle
Charles Strain
Mike Wedgworth
Joe White
George Williams
Brett Winford
Jeremy Wright
Randy Wyatt
Clint Lovette

Other Committee/Council Chairs

Governmental Affairs Legal ChairMartin Evans
Governmental Affairs Political ChairLee Barnes
Governmental Affairs Regulatory ChairKyle Murphy
Governmental Affairs Legislative ChairLewis McDonald
Spire RepresentativeJennifer White
Alabama Power RepresentativeAlisa Summerville
Banking RepresentativeBen Hendrix
Builder Education/Muddy BootsMerry Margaret Gatti
Home Tours/Spring Parade of HomesElliott Pike
Home Tours/Fall Parade of HomesLevi Mixon
Legal CounselJesse Evans
Legislative LiaisonCorley Ellis
Membership CommitteeMerry Margaret Gatti & Mary Steadman
Public Relations CommitteeLurenda Avery

Educational Trust Fund Committee

LeArden PikeBuilder
Arthur SteberAssociate
Kyle MurphyBuilder
Brenton BellomyAssociate
Josh DeanBuilder
George WilliamsAssociate