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2020 GBAHB Awards

2020 GBAHB Awards



Birmingham remodelers honored with state awards

BMR Homes, Inc.

  • Winner, Insurance Restoration (One Lamp to Restore It All)
  • Runner-Up, Insurance Restoration (Home Sweet Home)
  • Runner-Up, Space Renovation/Residential Specialty (Lazy Sun Day Morning)

Case Design Remodeling

  • Winner, Bath Remodel Under $35,000 (Onyx Bath)
  • Runner-Up, Kitchen Remodel Under $75,000 (Brookwood Kitchen)
  • Runner-Up, Kitchen Remodel $75,000-$150,000 (Westbury Kitchen)
  • Runner-Up, Bath Remodel Over $70,000 (Swan Bath)

Drake Homes

  • Winner, Whole House Remodel Over $500,000 (Wu Residence)
  • Runner-Up, Kitchen Remodel Under $75,000 (Boland Residence)
  • Runner-Up, Basement Remodel (Frye Residence)

ELM Construction LLC

  • Winner, Whole House Remodel $250,000-$500,000 (Homewood Homecoming)
  • Winner, Universal Design (Access without Sacrificing Style)
  • Runner-Up, Basement Remodel (Basement Refresh)

j. fante studio

  • Winner, Bath Remodel Over $70,0000 (Marble Master Bath)
  • Runner-Up, Whole House Remodel $250,000-$500,000 (Halbrook Lane House Remodel)
  • Runner-Up, Kitchen Remodel Over $150,000 (Woodridge Family Kitchen)
  • Runner-Up, Bath Remodel Under $35,000 (Yorkmont Master Bathroom)
  • Runner-Up, Bath Remodel $35,000-$70,000 (Briarcliff Master Bathroom)
  • Runner-Up, Bath Remodel Over $70,000 (Bethune Bath Remodel)
  • Runner-Up, Additions Over $150,000 (Historic House Renovation)

Oak Alley, Inc.

  • Runner-Up, Historic Preservation (Storage to Study)

Precision Homecrafters, LLC

  • Winner, Commercial Renovation (Town Hall)
  • Runner-Up, Exterior Remodel (Trace Crossings Porch Rehab)

Taylor Burton Company, Inc.

  • Winner, Bath Remodel $35,000-$70,000 (His and Hers Bath)
  • Runner-Up, Universal Design (View from Above)

Willow Homes

  • Winner, Kitchen Remodel $75,000-$150,000 (Buckhead Lane Kitchen)
  • Winner, Historic Preservation (Irondale Restoration)
  • Runner-Up, Whole House Remodel $250,000-$500,000 (Melrose Place Remodel)
  • Runner-Up, Additions Over $150,000 (Buckhead Lane Addition)
  • Runner-Up, Outdoor Living (Berry Avenue Backyard)
  • Runner-Up, Universal Design (Mountain Brook Addition)
  • Runner-Up, Insurance Restoration (Oxford Circle Kitchen)

The Alabama Remodeling Excellence Awards are presented annually to remodelers, contractors, kitchen and bath designers, and other building professionals who exhibited outstanding craftsmanship and attention to detail in projects throughout Alabama. This year’s AREA competition was sponsored by Alabama Power Company, the Alabama Home Builders Self Insurers Fund, Spire, American Wallzone and Bryant Bank.

For more information about the Alabama Remodeling Excellence Awards, contact the Home Builders Association of Alabama at (800) 745-4222. Photos of the winning projects may be viewed at


Several members of the Greater Birmingham Association of Home Builders are among the honorees in the 2020 Alabama Remodeling Excellence Awards (AREA) competition, presented by the Home Builders Association of Alabama.

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